Business assistants are an excellent option for small business owners who feel like they’re drowning in administrative responsibilities and aren’t able to take care of running their business. Chores offers professional business assistant services for all kinds of businesses, and that comes with a wide range of responsibilites!

Basic Accounting

Bills are constantly coming in, and no one has time to pay attention to all of them and also run a business. A business assistant can help in the receipt and payment of bills, keeping them organized and keeping your business afloat. How often have you had to worry if you were a week late on a payment because you just had too much going on? Business assistants take that off your plate entirely.

Office Setup

Whether you have a home office or are in an office building, a business assistant can help you set it up to your liking and add their own professional input. Sitting in clutter and disorganization doesn’t work for everyone, but you just might not have the time to fix it. Hire a business assistant and let them take over the office organization duties.

Client Retention

You’ve got a lot of clients, and you need to reach out every now and then to make sure they’re happy. A business assistant can keep a running list of clients and reach out with mailers on important dates like birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. Everyone loves a personal touch, and your assistant can do that for you!

Keep The Office Stocked

Do you keep putting off running over to Staples to get some more printer paper or post-it notes? A business assistant can do that for you. Worrying about the menial tasks keeps you distracted from your main focus. Just hand us a list and we’ll be back in no time with all the office supplies you need!

Social Media

While business assistants may not necessarily be social media experts, they’ll get to know your brand voice enough to be able to keep you afloat on social media! Daily or weekly posts are no problem, and that’s just one less thing on your to-do list that doesn’t involve actually running a business.

Basically, a business assistant can do anything you need them to, and we’d love to get started today to help you out. Contact us and tell us about your business–we can’t wait!