Fall is our favorite time of year, and we love decorating houses for it! If you’re in the festive mood, but don’t have the time to decorate yourself, give us a call–we’ll clean up your home and deck it out in all of our favorite fall decorations!

If you do have the time, though, here are some must-haves to give your home the fall makeover it deserves!

Carved Pumpkin


So many associate pumpkins with Halloween, but if carved and painted properly, they can sit in your house all season long! Paint it with neutral colors and carve it with a fun design, like diamonds or a more sophisticated one like leaves!

Wooden Wreath

You can buy these at any craft store or make them yourself! If you have extra wood laying around your yard, you can cut it thin, paint them colors like brown, orange, and gray, and layer them on top of each other. They look great hanging on your front door or over a mantle.

New Throw Pillows

fall pillows

Who doesn’t love going shopping for new throw pillows? It’s one of the easiest ways to refresh a space, and you can choose any fall color you want to complement the room! We love going for orange, red, and yellow.


You can do a ton with sunflowers! They have a short growing season, so be sure to grab them before they’re no longer in season. You can put them outside your front door, or use them to create a beautiful centerpiece for your living room or dining room table.

Cozy Up Your Outdoor Space

Don’t stop at the interior of your home. Just because it’s a bit colder out doesn’t mean you have to stop going out there–hang up some string lights, put some fuzzy pillows and blankets out, and enjoy sitting in the crisp fall air!

Refresh Your Blankets

It’s time to bulk up your couch and bed with some heavier knit blankets. They both look great and are super functional to keep you warm when the nights get chilly.

Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

Is there anything more fall than plaid? Whether it’s your blankets, pillows, placemats, rugs, or wall art, fall is the perfect time of year to overload your home with plaid–and match it with a flannel shirt of your own!

We hope we get the chance to give your house a fall cleaning and makeover! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.