Office clutter and distractions can be a major source of lack of productivity, and business owners who want to change that in 2022 can hire Chores to be their personal assistant for tasks ranging from office organization to maintaining client relations.

Of course, you can get started on organizing your office and improving your productivity with just a few simple tips.

Put The Wires Away

Wires scattered about the office can make a desk look more cluttered than it is. There are plenty of tools specifically designed to organize wires, but you can keep them in line with binder clips you have lying around. Simply attach the binder clip to the side of your desk and feed the wire through it, and you have wires at the ready whenever you need them with much less visual clutter!

Go Paperless

Paper is a major source of clutter on everyone’s desk, filled with junk mail, “I’ll get to it laters,” and “important notes” buried under a pile of other papers. While you can always make a promise to yourself to get rid of them and keep it organized, you’ll find yourself drowning in a stack of papers if you aren’t diligent about it every day.

The easy solution? Go paperless! There are plenty of different apps that can keep track of your notes and important information, such as Evernote. Keeping everything in the cloud means a clean desk, fast note-taking, and even the ability to search quickly for anything you need. For everything else that can’t be avoided, like bills, you can have Chores take care of organizing and paying them for you!

Organize Your Email Inbox

inbox organization

While it may not be physical clutter, staring at an inbox with dozens or even hundreds of unread messages in no particular order can cause stress and make finding emails a daunting task that should only take a few seconds. Taking a day to go through your inbox and organize them according to client, topic, or whatever makes the most sense to you will be well worth it in the end.

Additionally, switching to tools like Slack for internal communications can cut down greatly on inbox clutter for messages that can be sent quickly and efficiently!

Use Wall Space

Go vertical! A lot of the clutter around the office is caused by limited desk space. By hanging shelves wherever you can, you allow everything you need to still be easily accessible, but out of your sight. Get creative and DIY your shelves for a unique-looking office space that promotes productivity and creativity!

How about cork boards? Use them to hang common office supplies within reach or to pin any important notes and reminders to.

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