With summer gone and winter looming, you might be looking to winterize your vacation home so you can come back to the Jersey Shore next summer without any of the problems that the cold brings to unsuspecting residents.

Where do you start? Chores NJ is constantly checking up on our clients’ Jersey Shore homes during the winter, so we know a thing or two about prepping your home for the cold.

Get in Touch With Contractors

There are contractors who will close up your house to prepare for winter. You’ll need to contact, coordinate and schedule professionals like lawn maintenance experts, plumbers, irrigation, HVAC, and others who all have tasks that need to be completed in order to ensure your lawn looks green next spring, your pipes aren’t frozen, your sprinklers still work, and your ductwork isn’t a mess.

Chores will get in touch with all of your contractors for you and will wait for them at your house so you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting a phone call from us that everything is running smoothly and set for the winter.

Bring In Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture

While your outdoor furniture is meant to withstand the elements, there’s no reason to risk it while you won’t be at your Jersey Shore home for the winter. Bring everything into storage for or cover everything up with a durable vinyl cover– making sure everything is thoroughly cleaned before storing it away to avoid any unwanted surprises in the spring.

Our winterization services include getting your outdoor furniture ready for the long haul, this way you can just pack your stuff up and leave while we handle all the details.

Replace Curtains

A lot of the heat loss in your home can come from the airy summer drapes that many vacation homes at the Jersey Shore have. Simply swapping these out for heavier thermal drapes can help keep the cold air out and the warm air in, which makes heating your home easier should you want to stop in for a weekend getaway. Plus, having thermal drapes will help lower heating costs as well.

Routine Home Checks

Once you’ve done everything you can to prepare your home for the winter, it’s essential that you do routine home walkthroughs to ensure that there aren’t any problems that have arisen while the house was closed up. Of course, this can be difficult to do if you’re out of state or too far to drive down during the winter season. Chores is happy to help here too. We’ll check your home on a regular schedule to do things like run your water if it hasn’t been turned off, look for any leaks, take care of any bugs that may have found their way in, and clean to keep the home maintained. If your refrigerator stops working and the food in it goes bad, you’ll be happy you hired us to check up on your house.

Need anything else done around the house for the winter? Errands that need running, trash/recycling that needs taking in, or holiday prep that needs to be done are just a few of the things that we take care of. Contact us today!