With all of your heavy machinery, tools, old belongings, and everything else that gets thrown into your garage and shed, it can get cluttered quickly. As the weather gets warm and you find yourself in your shed or garage more often, take the chance now to declutter and organize it!

Use Metal Racks

Not only do free-standing metal shelves look clean and stylish, but they are easy to assemble and sturdy enough to hold pretty much anything. Perfect for sheds, garages, and basements, since metal shelves are adjustable, they can fit bins of any size with just a small adjustment. Also, since you can add wheels, they’re perfect for creating more flexible storage opportunities. As an added bonus, mold doesn’t stick to metal!

Clear Bins

For everything that you don’t use too often and is small enough to fit in bins, invest in clear bins! These allow you to see what’s inside without having to move everything around, and they are easily replaceable if they crack or break. To make it even easier on you, you can tape labels on the inside of the bins for easy identification.

Tool Hangers

It’s easy enough to simply let all your tools just lean against “that” corner of the wall, but in just a few minutes; time, you can have a tool organization solution that immediately makes your shed or garage more spacious. Tool hangers can be used to keep rakes and brooms from cluttering floor space, and they take almost no time to install. Besides, who doesn’t love seeing an organized wall?

If you’re particularly concerned about tracking debris or dirt in, you can install your tool hangers right on the side of the door so you can lean in and grab what you need without stepping in.

Repurpose Old Cabinets

If you’re doing work on your house and have old cabinets that were just going to go in the trash, try repurposing them to use as extra storage in your garage! They can go right over a workbench and free up even more floor space in your garage, plus they’ll look even better than your traditional storage options.

Need help organizing? Get in touch with Chores to make all of your wildest dreams for your shed or garage come true!