The clutter in your home can start to intrude on your personal life, and when faced with the task of organizing everything that’s built up over years, it’s a mountainous undertaking that can be overwhelming before you even start. Our professional home organizers are here with some helpful tips to get you started!

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The System of Three

With more people working from home, some home offices have begun to build up quite the pile of papers. The System of Three allows you to start working through that pile. Every paper falls under one of three categories: shred, file, or take action. The papers that are filed should be placed in a color coded filing system–something that we use for our clients–with colors for Medical, Personal, House, Financial, and Insurance.

Baskets & Containers

All of your office supplies can go in a basket or container to reduce the appearance of clutter, which is often the cause of stress.There are plenty of different sizes and shape options for baskets, and you can even use them as part of the design of a room. Simply throwing things into a basket can help ease your mind immediately!

Utilize Wall Space

What better way to get things off the floor than to put them on the wall? Look for things that you can hang on the wall and by doing so, increase the floor space that was previously taken up by clutter. There are plenty of well-designed wall hangers that can fit the aesthetic of your home and be a functional solution to your clutter problem!

Kitchen Shelving

kitchen shelving

You might find that the cabinets in your kitchen don’t provide enough space, and some items that you use every day tend to be out of reach or often misplaced. Installing shelving on the back of a pantry door or anywhere there’s space allows you to keep those kitchen essentials out in the open and within reach for everyday use.

Label Everything

Invest in a label maker and label everything you can. Even if you already know where everything is, it will surprise you to see how much labels can help make the entire home seem organized. In the office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom, labels can help even the most cluttered mess look better immediately!

Of course, you don’t need to worry about any of this when you contact our home organization and management services. We’ll keep your life and home organized using our years of experience!