Everyone wants to have a great time hosting parties in their backyard, but no one wants to deal with the bugs that come with it. The Jersey Shore summer can get a little buggy, but with the right setup and maintenance, you and your guests can enjoy a bug-free backyard!

Clean Your Patio

patio sweep

Don’t give pests a reason to come check out your backyard in the first place. Clean your deck or patio up as things are spilled on it. Sweep up crumbs and wipe away spilled liquids that could attract ants or flies.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Bugs are attracted to light, but you can’t just leave your guests in the dark for the parties that go late. White lights tend to attract more flying bugs than orange or yellow lights. On the plus side, this allows you to get creative with your lighting and create an awesome-looking backyard!

Plant Some Herbs

Believe it or not, planting certain herbs around your deck can help repel some bugs and insects. Garlic and rosemary fend off biting insects, while a combination of chive and lemongrass can ward off other common summer pests. As an added bonus, you’ve now got some delicious fresh herbs to cook with!

Use Mouthwash

No, we don’t mean in your mouth. Believe it or not, mint flavored mouthwash can help repel mosquitoes. Put it in a spray bottle and use it lightly on your deck furniture and around the perimeter of where your guests will be standing. The result is a pest-free party and a great smelling space!

Use Citronella Torches

citronella torch

Citronella torches are a cheap and effective method of repelling those annoying flying bugs. They can even double as party decorations with a tiki look, and you can double up with citrus candles for double the pest-fighting power.

Break Out The Hydrogen Peroxide

Mix up hydrogen peroxide and water to create a pest repellent. Spray the surface of your patio and the perimeter of your yard–just be careful to keep away from food and drinks!