Cooking becomes a lot more fun when you’re doing it in an organized environment. Instead of shoving things into cabinets and making a mess whenever it’s time to clean dishes, take a few of our favorite tips for a tidy kitchen!

Conquer Your Tupperware Containers

Everyone’s least favorite cabinet to open in their kitchen is the tupperware one. They always end up turning into a mountain of plastic, with mismatched or lost lids, and stained and cracked ones that go unused getting buried.

Take the time to go through all your tupperware and throw out the ones that are no longer usable, and take a look at some specialty tupperware dividers that will permanently solve your tupperware problem!

Keep Everything Essential In Reach

When you’re cooking, you’ll always need things like spices, paper towels, dishes, and pans. Take note of everything that you use on a regular basis and keep it in arm’s reach so you don’t find yourself running to the other side of the room when you’re cooking and need something quickly.

There are plenty of magnetic or suction caddies to keep spices and small items in reach that don’t take up cabinet space and make efficient use of your wall space!

Rolling Carts Are Your Friend

In a small kitchen, storage can be tight. Help yourself with a small rolling cart! Thin ones can cozy into small spaces and provide you with two or three extra shelves that can store olive oil, coffee, tea, or anything else you need. Even better, they’re mobile so you can have it near you when you’re cooking and put it right back in its spot when you’re done.

Get Rid of Your Knife Block

Knife blocks, while functional, can be large, clunky, and take up some valuable counter space while not really fitting in with the aesthetic of your kitchen. One great alternative we love using is a magnetic strip on the wall that allows you to store your blades completely out of the way and off the counter. They come in all different materials and colors so you can match it to everything else in your kitchen perfectly!

Stock Your Pantry With Clear Containers

If your pantry has been building up snacks and ingredients over the course of months, it can start to bury half-eaten bags of chips and forgotten ingredients you purchased already. If you buy clear plastic storage containers, you’ll not only find that your pantry starts to become a lot more organized, but you’ll know exactly what you’ve got in stock so you don’t need to spend any more money than you need to at the grocery store.