Meet Our Staff


❤️ Meet Brian! ❤️

Project Manager

I am very excited to be a part of the Chores NJ team as a Project Manager.

I recently retired from a career in Technology Sales Management. My most recent venture was a small business owner in the Wireless Industry. The goal is to utilize my business experience in this role to help Stephanie and Chores continue to expand their business. I have been happily married for 30 years and have 2 children who are very busy building their business careers. Golf is my other passion and I play whenever I get the chance.

Fran - Staff

❤️ Meet Fran! ❤️

Hi everyone! My name is Fran, which is short for Francine.

I’ve been with Chores for over 3 years. I am originally from Pennsylvania and my family is from NYC. I’ve always had a knack for cleaning and helping people, so Chores was a perfect fit for me when I moved to NJ with my family and I was looking for work. I have one sister, one Persian cat named Henry, and I have a boyfriend of 2+ years. I can honestly say I love that I get to wake up every day and help people stay organized and on track in their lives.

Donnalee - Staff

❤️ Meet Donnalee! ❤️

Hello, my name is Donnalee.

For the past eight years, I have been working with Chores when school is out. During the summer, holidays, and weekends, I throw on my Chores shirt to lend a helping hand. Chores is a perfect fit for me since I love organization. I greatly enjoy the feeling of helping people, who feel overwhelmed, get their homes and lives in order. On a personal note, my husband of 26 years and I have two daughters. One is in the military and the other is also an educator ( I can’t forget my fur baby, who will be 10 this year).

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