“My husband and I just got married on 9/24/16. The setting was an outdoor wedding at my parents’ home for 200 people. Overwhlemed does not even begin to describe how we felt prior to hiring Stephanie and Chores. From the initial consultation with them they put us at ease. They had great ideas on the fly and from past outdoor events that they have done. We were amazed at how they just came up with great suggestions as we showed them the backyard- we knew right away that they knew what they were talking about. The day of the wedding I didn’t have to worry about being the point of contact for all of the vendors, they handled all of that for me! They kept the day running smoothly by setting up a solid game plan prior to the day of our wedding.

They were always available to me by phone, text, and email. She would check in with me quite often and ended every conversation with “Is there anything else I can do for you?” These words are priceless to any stressed out bride! I admired their organization and their willingness to help throughout the whole process. My only regret… Not hiring them sooner into our planning process. We hired them a little over a month before our wedding, and it was clear we made the right decision because they jumped right in, assisting us with anything we needed. It was nice to have a professional’s opinion whenever we needed it. If you are planning an outdoor event I highly recommend the ladies of Chores!!”

— Angela S., Bloomfield, NJ