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About Kellyann

Helping people is something that seems to come naturally to me. I have been helping people and businesses for many years. Whether it was working for fortune 500 companies, privately held companies, or my own business which I had for 18 years, helping people is exactly what I have done. It’s a big part of who I am.

I was a Purchasing Manager for much of my “corporate life” helping companies procure goods and services at the best pricing, quality and terms possible. While having my own business, a successful fitness franchise, I helped thousands of people live healthier and more fit lives. In addition to owning a franchise, I was also a quality coordinator for the parent company helping other fitness instructors learn to be the best they can be. Owning Chores continues that legacy.

I am a big proponent of giving back to the community. For seven years I was the Chairperson for the American Cancer Society's Wall Township Relay for Life. I have also helped various organizations such as the Monmouth/Ocean County Food Bank, The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation and other organizations who send items overseas to the U.S. troops. In addition, I have helped organize and run charity events for friends and friends of my family who were battling cancer.

I now serve on the Corporate Leadership Council for the American Cancer Society because I want to reach out to the local business community in hopes of raising funds and increasing awareness about all that the American Cancer Society offers.

I am a proud wife and mother. My husband, John, and I have been married for over 20 years. My daughter, Abigail, is in college and my son, John (JC) is in high school. Our family is the typical family with many, many, things going on. I therefore understand firsthand the need to be organized and get things done; often when there is very little time to do so.

The more time passes, the more I realize how quickly time goes by and the importance of living in each moment. Being stressed out by having so many things on our plate and trying to balance it all often takes a toll on our health. Since I’m a big believer in “paying it forward”, owning Chores with Stephanie (Read Stephanie’s bio) is a natural fit for me. I/we get to help people every day save time so they can focus and enjoy the things that matter to them most like spending their free time with family and friends!

I welcome you to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you think Chores can help you with!

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About Stephanie

Married for over 21 years with two boys has been a journey. My family has been living in Howell for almost 20 years. My husband David and I have been involved in our community serving as coaches, PTO and CCD teaching for 15 years.

Back in 2004 David was laid off from his company that he devoted 20 years to. It was a scary time with only one income from me, as a Township Recreation streaming into the house. Just about every other person we met was also in jeopardy or lost their jobs. After several interviews and offers, David said that he wanted to own his own business. So we began researching franchises. We signed onto Ductz, HVAC Restoration Duct Cleaning/Dryer Vent Company in 2004.

As we would go to customer’s houses we found that there was a need for a person to allow contractors into the house while the customers were at work or lived in other parts of the country. Soon other chores would develop through the relationship with customers.

I knew that owning a business was A LOT of hard work with a special mindset, it was a no brainer to have Kellyann jump on board with this concept. While servicing customers Kellyann and I became each other’s wing man. (Read Kellyann’s Bio) So, Kellyann and I developed a business plan of services offered for clients while expanding on the business. In February of 2015 it was time to LLC CHORES.

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