Zen Out with ChoresNJ.

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to put the phone down and clear the calendar. Sunbeams and beaches should be the only thing on your mind, and even though it feels like our responsibilities never end, summer is the one season designed for you. It’s time to turn up the tunes, apply the sunblock, kick up your feet, and find your Zen.

Serenity is rooted in reflection.

Learning to let go is a foundational part of achieving inner peace and serenity, and when it comes to achieving your Zen this summer, delegation can be a powerful tool. We spend the bulk of our year tackling everything that life can throw at us. We stack up the stress as much as possible, balancing everything from work, kids, meetings, bills, and cleaning.

Wouldn’t it be nice if dust would disappear, if only for a few months?

As summer approaches, it’s time to turn off your mind and put your troubles aside. If you are struggling to find peace during the summer months, offset some of the stress with ChoresNJ, your personal concierge services.

The summer wind.

Open the door and let the summer wind in. And as the breeze warms your skin and brightens your afternoon, let ChoresNJ alleviate the tasks that have been mounting. Specializing in concierge services, we can help. Whether it’s cleaning, driving the kids to the beach, or picking up the groceries, we let you focus on what’s important, your time.

Stop sweating the small stuff and let us ease your mind as you kick back and experience all that summer has to offer. The Jersey season can be fleeting, moving quickly as the sun sets into the sky. ChoresNJ can be the relief you have been searching for.


ChoresNJ is a personal concierge service. We specialize in taking the chores off your plate, so you can kick back and enjoy everything that summer has to offer. Let go this summer and schedule a free consultation today.