As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, decorating for the holidays is a tradition that should be cherished with love and care. Before you bring in the new year, explore all avenues of decorative services that can warm you by the fire, and illuminate your inner child.

ChoresNJ has put the finishing touches on dozens of New Jersey homes for the holiday season, providing warmth and prosperity for all to see.

Flawless Lighting.

Set the scene this holiday season with the right ambiance for both indoor and outdoor décor. Let strings of lights grace your chimney, while candles and decorative landscapes invite a warm atmosphere for holiday guests and neighbors. Adding a touch of elegant lighting can transform your home into a winter wonderland.

Holiday Inner Sanctimony.

Let us grace your home with flawless interior displays. Adorn your living space with holiday tree’s, ornaments, and garland. Create a cozy winter wonderland by incorporating villages and trains, inviting guests in for one more cocktail by the fireplace. Stockings hung with care will remind your guests to hang up their coats, escaping from the cold.

Outdoor Arrangements.

Let our skilled exterior decorators lavish your landscaping with quaint holiday cheer that will put your name on the block. Expand beyond simplistic holiday decorations and let our team encapsulate your yard with winter and holiday decorations that will create warm, inviting sensations for all the neighbors to enjoy.

Personal Touches.

The pride and care we have for our clients spans farther than Rudolf can pull Santa’s sleigh. Each home is an opportunity for our team to get to know your family, and understand their vision for interior and exterior decorations. We love setting the scene and taking the reins, while your family gets to witness all the joys that holiday décor has to offer.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season, from ChoresNJ .