This year’s Jersey Shore summer is in full swing, and it’s time to throw the summer party that everyone will be talking about for months. Chores can plan your party for you from start to finish so you can be a guest at your own get together, but if you’re planning it yourself, take some advice from us.

Make It A Theme

A theme not only gives your party a different twist, but it gives the guest something to talk about! Whether you want to go formal with something like a French garden party or something more laid back like a Luau, a theme helps your guests decide how to dress and understand what to expect. It also makes choosing decorations easier and fun!

Premake Your Drinks

You can always provide drinks in the form of cans or bottles, but why not make it a little more impressive? You can find plenty of refreshing summer drinks to make in bulk that your guests will love. You can make them to match your theme, or just make something that you know will be a crowd pleaser.

Create Conversation Areas

Set up comfortable lawn furniture around the yard in circles, either around fire pits or tables that will encourage guests to sit down and chat with each other. If you do it right, you’ll have everyone mingling in no time.

TIP: Put food on tables where you want guests to congregate!

Set Up Backyard Games

Cornhole, Kanjam, horseshoes, Spikeball–there’s plenty of options for backyard games that will keep your guests occupied. If you don’t own any of them, you can make your own for most of them. They’re fun and easy ways to get everyone involved and talking–and most importantly, keep the drinks flowing!

Make A Playlist

Who doesn’t love music? Nothing goes together better than a summer party and an expertly crafted playlist! Make a playlist with a mix of music that everyone can enjoy. A general rule of thumb–make sure the playlist lasts an hour longer than you are planning on having guests over. This covers you if the party goes longer than anticipated, plus lets you skip any songs you want to as the night unfolds.

Not in the mood to plan an entire party yourself? Chores will come up with the theme, the menu, the music, the activities, and anything else you need to ensure a party planning success!