Grocery shopping is a chore that not many enjoy doing, given that it’s a big expense and a huge time suck if you don’t have it down to a science. While the headache of grocery shopping can be saved with Chores’ personal concierge services, we’re happy to give you some tips and tricks to make grocery shopping easy!

Shop For Nonperishable Items Online

Nonperishable items can be purchased online in bulk and for cheaper. Snacks like protein bars, dried fruits, and cereal are all easily shippable from online retailers and if you plan it out ahead of time, you’ll be able to cut down on your time in the grocery store while also saving money on the things that you absolutely need to have in the house.

Buy Fruits & Veggies In-Season

Buying fruits and veggies out of season is not only more expensive, but guarantees that the produce you have isn’t as fresh as it possibly could be. By keeping track of what’s in-season, you’ll have a rotating cast of fresh produce in your home and you’ll be able to give yourself a nice variety. If you need help, print out this list from the Department of Agriculture and stick it right on your fridge!

Plan Your Meals Out For The Week

Meal planning

Planning your meals out for the week ahead allows you to go to the grocery store with a purpose, rather than ending up at the register with a cart full of random items that you then have to make into cohesive meals. Plan on using leftovers as much as possible to limit your necessary grocery store trips to as little as once a month!

Curb Your Spending On Fresh Produce

Only buy fresh produce and perishables that you know you will finish within a week. Healthy foods such as fruits and veggies also exist frozen, and are just as good when thawed and ready to eat. The sooner you run out of produce without any backups, the quicker you resort to eating the junk food that’s sitting in your pantry–so stock up on frozen fruits and veggies and watch your healthy eating habits thrive.

Be Careful With Coupons

grocery coupons

Couponing can be an addictive activity, and while it might seem like you’re saving money doing it, many consumers actually end up buying things they don’t need just for the perceived savings on that item. Try to only clip coupons for items that you know you need and avoid the ones you don’t–you’ll find that you don’t miss the food items you would’ve gotten from the coupons and your bank account will thank you.

Even as a smart grocery shopper, no one wants to take the trip to the store. Let Chores do it for you by contacting us today!