While we can get nostalgic about our childhood, I doubt that anyone relishes the memories of after school chores. Maybe the dishes needed cleaning or the garbage was overflowing. Either way, chores were never the focal point to adolescent weekdays. And as parents we can relate. But times have changed, and while after school chores have turned into after school activities, this usually leaves parents to bear the burden. And as much as we can wish, the Roomba can’t pick up Xbox controllers nor clean bathrooms.

What’s a Parent To do?

If you are struggling to find time to take care of after school chores, it may be a good idea to consider concierge services. While hiring a cleaning lady can overcome cleanliness, having a concierge service can rise above and beyond cleaning the mantle or mopping the foyer. Investing in concierge services allows you as a parent to offset the tasks that have escaped you. Whether it be cleaning, cooking, scheduling, taking the kids to practice, or picking up dinner, having a team at your side can help take the burden off your shoulders and leave you feeling relaxed.

Setting Expectations.

Depending on your needs, concierge services can craft a  plan, tackling items that you may not have realized are on your to-do list. Being able to categorize and prioritize will give you the organization and structure you need to spend your time the way you see fit. Whether it’s walking the dogs or decorating for the holidays, having a team at your disposal can level set and give you the much needed relief you need.


Services revolve around your schedule. We work hand in hand to make sure we have all your bases covered, providing organization and alleviating stress. We pride ourselves on having everything covered, and can cover you when it comes to the finite details of raising a family and caring for a home.