Summer Sessions: Tackling Your To-Do List


Get Inspired.

With the summer months approaching, it’s a perfect time for reflection and relaxation, and as the warmer weather approaches, summer can be a great time to finally start tackling your to-do list. Finding motivation is rooted in inspiration. Get inspired with these tips and tricks.

Making it Real.

The mind acts as our own personal storage unit, as we balance chores and tasks, embedded in the same neurons and gray matter that keep us talking and walking, we need to take care of our mental acuity. As thoughts begin to stack, cognition can start to suffer. Putting things into perspective is the first step toward gaining inspiration. Instead of storing our thoughts, why not make them real? 

Make a list.

Writing it down on paper makes it real, freeing up space for new ideas. The best part is that as you complete each task you can cross it out, eliminating the task completely.


Separating immediate tasks from less pressing issues is a great way to free your mind of stress and anxiety. By prioritizing what is most important, it will give you traction and provide organization. Step out of your head and think: What is the most important task to accomplish and which can I delegate to others?

Searching for acceptance.

Despite what our employers will propagate, no one is perfect. We all have flaws and struggle for balance. Being able to accept your flaws and your strengths is a great way to achieve inner peace. Give yourself the freedom to accept the obvious. Expecting too much of yourself is common practice. This summer, tackle your to-do list by accepting yourself and your capabilities. Be realistic. It’s ok to feel uncertain but honestly is the best policy.


Once you have prioritized and accepted your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to put organization into action. Decide what you can handle and what you can’t. Be honest with yourself and be ready for change. We can only balance as much as our body and mind will let us. Get organized through acceptance and prioritization.

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