Summer is a vibrant time of year and season for flowers, with a wide variety of colorful blooms to brighten up your garden and home. Here are five beautiful summer flowers that you can incorporate into your home décor.


A classic summer flower, the flower of romance, known for their exquisite beauty and fragrance. They come in various colors and varieties which makes them a diverse choice for any garden or home.


As The Beatles song goes, follow the sun. These exceptional flowers have sunny centers and long petals that bloom in the summer. The best part? They turn with the orbit of the sun. Grace your next party with a bouquet of Sunflowers.


A soothing and rejuvenating choice, boost your inner peace with a display of purple lavender. Perfect for getting back to work and school, lavender will provide a calm, relaxing environment for your garden and home.


Cheerful and bright, daisies provide tiny white and yellow petals that go great with an accent. Simple but vibrant, they can transform any space in a tranquil, home grown menagerie of joy and solace.


A less common flower, zinnias come in a range of bright, bold colors. They also have many shapes and sizes and can be paired with the tallest or smallest of flowers. A great accent piece, zinnias can be a great addition to a summer bouquet.


Like the sunflower, marigolds are known for their orange and gold hue. Easy to care for and pest resistant, they can transform a garden or home at the flip of a hat. An added bonus is that their scent often deters pests that may try to infiltrate your garden which makes them a great addition for dander and hair from household pets within the home.

Spruce up your home or garden by letting ChoresNJ match the flowers with the environment. Couple them with home decorating services and your home will provide a perfect transition for the last days of summer.