We are so excited to be featured in the your money section of the Asbury Park Press! In the article below, you can read about how we got started and our path to success with our growing company!

Working, raising children and running their own busy households, friends and fellow Howell residents Stephanie Marsh and Kellyann Skorupski had become masters at multitasking, organizing activities, making decisions and getting the job done.

Little did they know that they would soon be able to turn their skills and experience into a successful business helping other local homeowners manage their residential and lifestyle matters.

According to Skorupski, their collaboration started six years ago.

“Stephanie and her husband David own Ductz of Southeastern Monmouth, a business that specializes in restoration of HVAC units and duct/dryer vent cleaning, and while working on a job, David was asked if he knew of anyone who would be able to manage the home by allowing contractors in as needed, food shopping, cleaning, hiring landscapers, and doing other specialized errands, for which he recommended Stephanie,” said Skorupski, a Parsippany native and former fitness franchise owner who knew Marsh from their Howell neighborhood and community.

“Stephanie soon began taking care of these tasks at other people’s homes as well, and the business started growing – so much so that one day she called me to ask if I could cover for her clients one week when she was on vacation,” Skorupski said. “I began helping her and it evolved from there.”

Following the success of their partnership and the positive response they received from clients, Marsh proposed that they launch a business together providing home lifestyle management and concierge services for local homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties. In March 2015, Chores was born.

Taking pride in clients’ homes

“Whether for clients who are out-of-state and have second homes at the Shore or residents who live here full-time and just want our special white-glove care, we consider ourselves ‘administrators of people’s lives,’” said Marsh, who formerly worked for the Eatontown recreation department.

“Our services include everything from grocery and personal shopping to party/event planning, wedding coordination services, scheduling and being onsite for contractors, cleaning homes and preparing them for their owners’ return, organizing drawers, closets, basements, and garages, removing clutter, running errands and arranging for services ranging from refinishing floors and decks to window-washing, plumbing, IT support and more,” Marsh said of their Wall-based business.  “Our clients love how we take pride in their home and go the extra mile for them.”

“It becomes a very personal relationship with each client that’s based on trust and we truly get to know them, their homes, and what brands they like so that we can serve them in a customized way and deliver peace of mind,” agreed Skorupski, who added that she and Marsh have been called on to do everything from de-activating home alarms to arranging for cars to be cleaned or inspected and boats to be cleaned and stocked, and were even given power of attorney by one client.

Carefully vetting all of the contractors and service providers they recommend as well as their employees in order to bring “the best of Monmouth and Ocean County to our clients,” Skorupski said, “we help to free up our clients’ time so that they can be independent of their home. Everyone wants to save time these days and focus on the things they want to do, so we work to manage the details of their lives and execute their dreams.”

It’s a service that Manhattanite Kate Iacono greatly appreciates.

“My husband and I have a 1927 bungalow on the Manasquan River that flooded after Hurricane Sandy,” said Iacono, principal of a firm that specializes in the licensing of furniture and lighting products. “It’s hard to find someone to have your back if you’re not there full time, but our HVAC contractor recommended Stephanie and she literally put our house back together for us, overseeing and waiting for furniture deliveries, purchasing special accessories that she knew we’d love, and giving us regular updates.”

Since then, Marsh and Skorupski have done everything from checking Iacono’s house in the winter, doing light housekeeping, grocery shopping before their clients arrive on the weekends, and even helping Iacono organize and host a recent party attended by nearly 40 people.

“If you’re going to have a vacation home, you want to enjoy yourself when you’re there – not kill yourself all weekend and then have to leave,” Iacono said. “Stephanie and Kellyann are extremely trustworthy, caring and genuine people who want to understand exactly how you like things done and then see it through. They think about all of the common-sense things and truly look after my house like it’s their own.”

On call to their clients 24/7 – where “every day is an adventure!” Skorupski said – prices for their services vary depending on the nature of the job, “but we work with everyone’s budget,” said Skorupski, who noted that “while some competitors may do bits and pieces of what we do, none of them provide all of the services, care and attention to detail that we do.”

This full-service approach can prove a marketing challenge to the pair as well.  According to Skorupski, “some people just shop on price, and we’re so much more than that.”

Looking ahead, Marsh and Skorupski hope to create an app that would both enable clients to request services as well as attract vendors/employees who can provide those services.

“We’re always thinking about ways to improve, grow, and set ourselves apart,” Skorupski said.

“It’s about supporting the community by helping to make personal connections between our clients and providers,” agreed Marsh.

For now, the industrious duo relishes the opportunity to work with people and positively impact their lives.

“We’ve been blessed with great clients and are excited to help them gain their time back, which really takes a weight off their shoulders,” Marsh said.

Skorupski agreed. “We love the opportunity to connect with people and help them enjoy their lives,” she said.


Location: Wall

Phone: 732-204-7388

Launched: 2015

Owners: Stephanie Marsh and Kellyann Skorupski

Website: www.choresnj.com

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