Whether you are looking for ideas to spruce up that old tree, trying to figure out what to do with those adorable ornaments made with love or starting your first holiday tree, these tips will help you ease into assembling your holiday tree while keeping it current and updated.

Come up with a main color scheme to pull all of your decorations together (you really don’t have to put every single ornament up each year). Color scheming your tree helps you organize your ornaments.  For example, you could choose gold, white and red as your main colors for your 2016 tree. Purchase 10 to 20 new gold and white ornaments that complement one another and then add in existing red ornaments you’ve collected over the years to give it a pop of color.  It will completely change the look of your tree without draining your pocketbook.

Before even beginning to handle your tree (real or faux) put on a pair of utility gloves.  They are terrific for handling the branches, gripping items with ease and keeping sap off your hands.

Tips for assembling your faux tree:

  • Trees six feet or taller come in two or more sections.
  • Assembling the top section of the tree first brings the hard to reach areas down to your level for easy assembly without the need of using of a ladder or the wear and tear on your knees.
  • First, take the top section of the tree and lay it on its side.
  • Assemble the tree stand.
  • Put the top half of the tree into the tree stand and secure.
  • Next, fan out each branch while pulling in a downward motion (it helps hide those bare spots).
  • Hang lights on this section (top section) of the tree.
  • When hanging the lights on your tree, plug them in first before putting them onto the tree. This way you can be sure all the lights work and that you’re not missing any areas on the tree as you work your way down.
  • Start with the male end at the top of the tree and work your way towards the bottom either in all different directions or around and around the tree so that you cover the dark spots.
  • Once the top of the tree has been completed, lay it on its side and unscrew it from the tree stand.
  • Attach the next section of the tree to the stand and continue assembling just like you did with the top section.
  • Keep in mind that the circumference of the tree gets bigger towards the bottom which means if you used 400 lights on the top section, the middle will acquire 800, and the base 1200.
  • Once each section has been completed, attach the top section to the rest connecting the lights as you go.
  • It’s now time to decorate!

The Christmas tree does not have to be the only thing showcased during the holiday season. Decorating mantels, bookcases, railings and more allow you to express your holiday spirit throughout your entire home.

Looking for a little holiday indoor fun this Christmas? Check out the Santa basket filled with soft snowballs and a boomerang. It’s perfect for having an indoor snowball fight and truly is for all ages!

Decorating for Christmas is not a “one size fits all” type of thing. It’s more about the magical spirit of Christmas, spending time with loved ones, cherishing your family traditions and making new memories.

We hope the few tips we provided will prove useful to you this year as you create your own, unique and very special Christmas Wonderland.

Your time living at the Jersey Shore should never be tied down with CHORES… make yours… OURS!

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