I was grateful to have come upon the brochure for Chores, a concierge service for my home and work to be.


Just seeing Chores detailed list of services in their elegant brochure gave me hope that there could be capable, personally motivated and versatile individuals available to take some of the stress of my computer organizational needs off of me. Kellyann helped me separate, categorize, scan, make phone calls and file my writings, photography and illustrations. They are now safely archived.


Kellyann is not only professional and detailed but her self-motivated nature helped take me to the next level. She followed up with contacts, made the difficult calls and did research for me as well. She helped me get back on my own motivated feet so I could again focus on what was important to me. I can now more easily share and explain my personal and professional vision to others.


I found her associate, Stephanie, to be helpful with cleaning. I found her work to be superb as well.


They are both very easy to communicate with and quickly understand my needs. I see them both as highly efficient, prompt and of high standing both personally and professionally.


Best of all, I found working with them was like spending time with a trusted friend; relaxing, enjoyable and helpful all at the same time. They turn the frustrations of daily living into a secure back up of support I know I can count on in a pinch. They are a joy to work with.


Their passion for a job well done and their sincere desire to help others is what makes Chores an exemplary business to work with.


Thank you Chores,

Sandy K., Ocean Grove, NJ

Jerry and I arrived in Spring Lake late last evening.  We walked in our home and said "Magnificent.  It looks beautiful."  And of course it looked even better this morning in the beautiful sunlight.

Barbara J., Moorestown, NJ / Spring Lake, NJ