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About Chores

Our company is composed of professional life organizers, managers, miracle workers, game changers, and planners. We’re perfect for clients who understand the value of time so they live life–we’ll do the rest.

Our team has years of experience in customer relations and have a passion for something simple–helping people. 

Central NJ Lifestyle Management

We have a laundry list of satisfied clients who have used us for everything from organizing particularly messy closets to planning large-scale parties and helping to manage and pay personal or business bills that have piled up.

We offer an unbelievable variety of lifestyle management services that all share one common goal–they help you stay on top of your everyday life. Since everyone’s lifestyle is unique, we adjust to accommodate your needs.

Contact us today with your chores and we’ll make yours… OURS! We can take the weight off your shoulders whether it’s to manage your home or business or simply to run your errands for you.

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About Kellyann

Kellyann Skorupski is co-owner of Chores NJ, the premier lifestyle management company of the Jersey Shore, located in Wall Township. The community-based business works with clients throughout the state of New Jersey helping them organize and manage the details of their lives. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur who needs business assistance like light bookkeeping, handling financial matters, sending out holiday cards or organizing your office and company events, Kellyann enjoys doing it all. That doesn’t stop in the office–she helps homeowners deal with the clutter of their busy lives on the homefront as well! If you’ve met Kellyann, you’ve probably heard her say that she lives in logistics, something that she prides herself on. 

Chores’ company motto of “Live Life. We’ll do the rest.” reflects Kellyann’s penchant for helping others and giving back, which is evident by the work within her community and the charities she has helped through her volunteerism and philanthropic endeavors. She has organized and facilitated charitable events, participated in PTO’s and is a member of the board of directors for the Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce (JSCC), serving as the chairperson of the “Summer Kickoff” event for the Chamber. She is also the chairperson of the JSCC Osprey Awards, as well as a member of the committee for the JSCC Women’s Conference.

Adding to the already long list of extracurriculars, Kellyann volunteered with the American Cancer Society (ACS) for a decade and was Chairperson for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Wall Township for 7 years. Having also served on the Jersey Shore Golf Classic Committee, the Tides of Change Gala Committee and the Corporate Leadership Council, she has had a lifetime’s worth of experience in planning events of all kinds, which translates well to planning parties and events for Chores’ clients.

She has worked in corporate America for both Fortune 500 companies and privately held companies in manufacturing, insurance, property management, small business and hospitality before owning her first business, a Jazzercise franchise, for 18 years.

In her rare free time, Kellyann enjoys traveling, reading, and exercising or spending time with her husband, John, and her children, Abigail and John.


About Stephanie

Back in 2004, my husband was laid off from his company that he devoted 20 years to. It was a scary time with only one income from me, as a Township Recreation streaming into the house. After several interviews and offers, David said that he wanted to own his own business. So we began researching franchises. We signed onto Ductz, HVAC Restoration Duct Cleaning/Dryer Vent Company in 2004.

As we would go to customer’s houses, we found that there was a need for a person to allow contractors into the house while the customers were at work or lived in other parts of the country. Soon other chores would develop through the relationship with customers.

I knew that owning a business was a lot of hard work and required a special mindset, it was a no brainer to have Kellyann jump on board with this concept. While servicing customers Kellyann and I became each other’s wingman. So, Kellyann and I developed a business plan of services offered for clients while expanding on the business. In February of 2015 it was time to LLC CHORES.


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